NCAA Proposal

    Stony Brook Crew has a rich history, being one of the first varsity sports going back to the days when the University originated in Oyster Bay in 1958.  The team continued with the move to Stony Brook, and has three rowers in the Stony Brook Athletics Hall of Fame. 

    Support for the team was abruptly ended in 1977 following the school’s first National Championship.  Eventually resurrected in the 1990’s with club status, leadership in the past two years has led to success on both the men’s’ and women’s teams.  Utilizing out of date boats, equipment prone to frequent breakdowns and lack of a full-time experienced coach, the team has performed respectably in numerous regattas.

    As members of Stony Brook Crew, we are asking that the University consider bringing the Women’s team to NCAA Intercollegiate level. Admission to the Colonial Athletic Association would allow the team to join with another State University of New York Center team from the University of Buffalo.

    As the equipment currently used by the Women’s team is owned by the UndergraduateStudent government, this move would entail the following:

1)     Proposal for acceptance into the Colonial Athletic Association

2)     Purchase of boats and equipment for the team

3)     Hiring of a full time and part time experienced coaches and support staff 

4)     Recruitment for the team

5)     Location for storage of equipment and practices.

6)     Fulfillment of NCAA Title IX requirements.

7)     Offering of scholarships

  • The CAA is a Division 1 conference of which the Stony Brook Football team is already a member.  The Conference includes the following schools in the Women’s Rowing Division: Northeastern, Drexel, Delaware, Eastern Michigan and the University of Buffalo.
  • The team is currently a Club team using equipment owned by the Undergraduate Student government.  Purchase of boats/equipment/support would be necessary.  Athletic Department Budget is approximately $28 million.  Minimum cost of starting up Women’s Rowing is approximately $275,000, less than 1% of the total budget.
  • Long Island has a number of Rowing Clubs run by world class rowers who may be interested in coaching the team.  A national search can also be included
  • Long Island has a large number of High School rowing teams and clubs.  With the success of the book “Boys in the Boat” and future movie release, we see an explosion of interest in the sport.
  • The club team practices have recently moved from an out of the way location in St. James, (out of the public’s eye), to Port Jefferson Harbor, where they have already gained recognition from the local community.  For the time being, the Women’s team can row from the same site until future plans for a permanent home and boathouse are decided.
  • Currently there is a 63% to 37% ratio of men’s athletes to women athletes at Stony Brook University.  The addition of the Women’s Rowing team would bring the ratio closer to fulfilling Title IX requirements.