About Us

  • Stony Brook University Crew is the rowing team of Stony Brook University, a University Center for the SUNY system. As a club organization under Stony Brook Undergraduate Student Government (USG) Our funding comes from the student activity fee, along with membership dues, fundraising, and donations.

  • Our mission is to bring the sport of rowing to the campus comunity, through land and water based training. As a competative team, we travel the East Coast for competition against some of the largest schools nationwide. 

  • Stony Brook Crew competes in both the Fall and Spring seasons. Typically, the team will have practices in the morning, and additional land based practices in the afternoons, schedules permitting. Winter training, which emphasizes cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and muscular endurance,  takes place from November through when we get back on the water in the Spring. Starting in Fall 2012, the team will have access to the brand new campus recreation center, which holds weight training equipment, our fleet of Concept2 ergometers, and an indoor track. 

Chris Seslar

Vincent Paladino

Vice President
Kate Aufort

Sampson Berlinski

Loriana Demirciyan

Alumni Advisor
Sean Kreitzer